Q: What are freeze-dried lollies?
A: Freeze-dried lollies are a type of candy that have been through a freeze-drying process, which removes the moisture from the candy and transforms it into a lighter, airier, and crunchier texture. They retain the original flavor and color of the candy.

Q: How are freeze-dried lollies made?
A: The process of freeze-drying lollies involves freezing the candy and then reducing the pressure and temperature to sublimate, or change the ice in the candy directly into water vapor. This process removes the moisture from the candy, leaving behind a crunchy texture.

Q: How should I store my freeze-dried lollies?
A: Keep your lollies in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. Once opened, make sure to seal the bag tightly to keep the lollies fresh and crunchy. If the bag is left open for long, the lollies can absorb moisture from the air and lose their crunch and freshness.

Q: How long do freeze-dried lollies last?
A: With proper storage, freeze-dried lollies can last for several months. However, for best taste and texture, it is recommended to consume them within 2-3 months after opening the package.

Q: Can I customize my order?
A: Yes, we offer custom vinyl wording on our party bags and gift boxes, and we also offer custom party bag and gift box orders.

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